Tangmere Road – Drainage Improvement Works


We have been advised by Landbuild that they intend to commence works to replace the culvert running alongside Tangmere Road on 16th April 2024.  These works were initially due to be undertaken in March but needed to be postponed due to flooding in the area.  There will be traffic control in place to ensure the safe working of the operatives and the safety of members of  the public and therefore it is reasonable to anticipate some delays in the area for the duration of the works.

The purpose of the works is to replace the surface water drain on the western side of Tangmere Road (between Church Lane and Chestnut Walk) to improve the surface and land drainage infrastructure in this area.  The works are being financed through a grant obtained by Tangmere Parish Council from the Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund administered by West Sussex County Council.

It is hoped that these works will help to reduce the level of flooding along Tangmere Road which can seriously impede walking and cycling access along Tangmere Road and to/from Chestnut Walk and Copper Beech Drive.  The flooding also causes the potential spray of water from passing vehicles onto those waiting at the bus stops.  This winter issues have been particularly frequent and persistent.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Parish Office on 01243 940800 or by email